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Mike Rober
I would like to take this opportunity to thank the staff at Langdale Lightweight for helping me get back on my bike again after too long being off it. As a 'big' person I've found it difficult and frustrating that people of my build and size keep being told to exercise and take up cycling as it's an enjoyable and social sport that helps with weight loss and gets you fitter!! 
As a 'big' chap I have been to bike shops and have been made to feel embarrassed because of my size and this had put me off asking for advice and guidance with my bike. I have always thought that my riding position was wrong but when faced with an assistant who looks you up and down it makes you feel as if you shouldn't be asking. I even wrote to a cycling magazine and asked if there was any advice, guidance that they felt could offer but I never heard anything back.
I eventually plucked up the courage to walk in to Langdales whilst up Mapperly and asked about a bike fit as I had seen they do them on their website. 
As I waited to be seen by a member of staff I felt embarrassed by being in the shop as I felt out of place. As I turned to leave I was approached by Matt, a friendly face asking how he could help. I took a deep breathe and asked about a bike fit. Matt explained the process to me and showed me the set up they have, he explained how it worked and the benefits of a bike fit. With this information on board I took the plunge and booked myself in.
I left the shop feeling nervous and apprehensive due to the fact that other people will see me when on the bike fit machine, other people knowing my weight and measurements. On the day of the bike fit I dressed in my cycling gear, put my bike in the car and made my way up to Langdales. On the way up I thought about turning back, I thought how embarrassing it will be for me and how I will feel during the fit. As I walked in to the shop I was met by Matt, the friendly face that booked me in. He asked how I was and then escorted me up to the bike fit area to where I met Mick, another friendly face, he shook my hand and offered me a seat. Mick explained in depth what a bike fit was and how it woukd benefit me. He asked what type of cycling I did, I explained that I would like to start cycling to and from work like I used too. The next 2 hrs I was made to feel so at ease by Mick, he explained everything in detail and was very patient as I struggled on and off the bike fit apparatus. Mick asked me questions about my previous cycling (before I became big) and why I had now taken the leap to get a bike fit. I explained my fear of asking and how other people made me feel. I exolained that i was waiting for an operayion on my knee and how shops don't cater for larger cyclist and how I felt that I was in a catch 22 situation because I want to lose weight but nobody wants to help because everything is focused on thinner people cycling. 
Throughout my 2hr bike fit at Langdales not once did it feel out of place, uncomfortable or embarrassed. I was made to feel welcome and the advice given was extremely welcome.
Since my bike fit last Saturday (7th Feb 2015) I have ridden my bike (Giant TCX Cyclo cross) 5 times and I feel so much more comfortable and I enjoy riding it more as now I don't have neck pains or back pains that I previously suffered from. I look forward to getting out on my bike and how I can hopefully build up my stamina and fitness to cycle to work and complete the Coast to Coast ride that I had set myself prior to my injury. 
I would just like to say that if anyone of a larger size and is looking at getting in to cycling for whatever reason and is feeling apprehensive about who to ask and where to go for advice then may I 100% recommend Mick and the team at Langdale Lightweight, they have helped me no end in getting me back on my bike, gaining confidence and more importantly treating me like a cyclist.
Many thanks to Mick, Matt & Ellie (for the coffee)

Jack Batten
Fantastic service! Cannot recommend LL enough! The service given has been the best I've experienced to date! Thanks for my new weapon of a skyline, looking forward to racing it and competing in the European Tri Champs next year! Highly recommend!! Thanks guys!

Gary Lee
This week I smashed my 25 mile Time Trial PB by 3mins 17seconds with advice from the team at Langdales. The difference in the power from being hydrated the right way with the Powerbar range has assisted my training and racing theories to produce a stunning performance. Now to improve even more. Thanks guys!

Richard Gallimore
I would like to publicly thank Everyone at Langdale Lightweight's for their stirling service, help, advice and thoroughly professional approach shown by all in dealing with relative novices.
I can not see why you would spend the same sort of money for an "over the counter bike" when for a relatively small fee you can have a bike effectively made to measure for you by experts.
You Are Stars In Your Own Right
I can not recommend your service highly enough. 
Thank you, from Richard, Kay and most of all Morgan Gallimore who's still beaming from ear to ear!

Charles Skadorwa
I'm trying to fix a 32yr+ road bike which needs a new Regina Extra Oro 5spd 14-18T rear sprocket. I was unable to remove it, however they were able to do it. All I can say is excellent service and friendly (very knowledgeable) staff. Recommended!!!!

Kevin Richardson
After looking around for a great deal I approached langdale lightweights for the best possible buy within my limit, through the help of a great team I became the proud owner of an amazing orbea bike, supplied with all the parts I wanted and within my budget. The bike was then fitted to me and with time out training on the bike it helped me produce my best time on a recent ironman 70.3 in Norway. I recommend langdale lightweights to anyone looking for quality at a reasonable price.

Also brought some Q rings and got them fitted the same day, great shop and great customer service, will be back again

Danny Duxbury
My bike had not been right for some time and my local shop in lincoln apparently serviced the bike and set up the gears!! Which I paid for and clearly the problem was not rectified. A good friend recommend I take a trip to Nottingham and pay langdale lightweights a visit. I would just like to say i was made to feel welcome instantly offered a coffee and my bike now works better than when it was new :) all of this was completed whilst I popped into Nottingham to get some shopping. Fantastic service and reasonably priced too :) 

Angela Bird
Prior to visiting Langdales Lightweights my impression was that this was a serious bike shop selling serious bikes for serious riders, so when little old, slightly overweight, not been on a bike for years me, decided that I was going to buy a commuter bike through the bike to work scheme, despite being my local bike shop, weren’t really on my list of shops to visit. So initially I visited a couple of other local bike shops, and to be honest wasn’t that impressed with their “pick the one you like the look of” kind of advice they were offering. So passing Langdales on my way home from work one evening, I decided to put my fear of being ridiculed for not knowing my derailleur from my fork set to one side – and told myself that if anyone would be able to offer me some proper advice, then surely these guys would, so in a moment of bravery I decided to pull up, throw caution to the wind and step inside. 
I can honestly say that it’s been one of my better decisions, and whilst Langdales do sell serious bikes for serious riders, my fears of ridicule couldn’t have been more wrong. I was initially greeted by Paul and Conner, and despite not being their usual customer, couldn’t have been more helpful and polite, and after discussing my needs, suggested I have a bike fit. 
Due to my personal circumstances I could see the benefits this would bring and was quickly booked in with Mick. Again, I was met with a wide smile, and was instantly put at ease. It was clear that Mick had a lot of knowledge with a great ethos that was evident in both him and his staff. 
I couldn’t be more happy with the service I received at Langdales, and it’s because of this, that I went ahead and purchased my bike from them…….I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to paying another visit to pick up my shiny new purchase. Thank you Team Langdale. 

Chris Thorne
The first experience I had with Langdale was for a bike fit which I cannot recommend enough. There is clearly a lot of knowledge that goes into this and it all paid off, they changed the bike to my new fit and it was immediately much more comfortable and I was getting much more power down. It really transformed my riding!

More recently I also bought a Boardman SLS 9.0 from Langdale, they built it up to my fit and I can't begin to explain how pleased I am with it. Moving from steel I imagined it would be a bumpy and uncomfortable ride but I couldn't be more wrong, combining this with its weight and stiffness makes it a dream to ride. My second outing on it was a sportive in the peaks and thanks to langdale setting it up perfectly I felt confident and at home in my normal position and the light weight and stiffness really helped on the climbs.

I really can't thank the guys at Langdale enough, couln't have asked for more!!