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Langdale Bikes

Langdale Diablo

This is where it all began the Langdale time trial frames. We are so proud to show our new time trial/triathalon framsets that can conquer any course. From the Club 10 to the Ironman Kona, hours of wind tunnel testing has given the Diablo the leading edge against the clock its smooth lines provide the aerodynamic advantage. The Diablo is incredibly stiff and handles phenomenally the frame incorporates an integrated wing and stack able tribar with maximum adjust ability and also a seat pillar, the frameset is designed for either mechanical or electronic gearing. Finally this frame can be custom coloured to your requirements

From £2499.00
Langdale Atom

This exceptionally light frameset has all the characteristics of the skyline but for the weight connoisseurs.
Once again hours of testing makes this a highly saught after and loved machine.
Incredibly this frameset already has a national champion riding it as it climbs like no other and desends elegantly providing phonominal road feed back. Finally this frame can also be finished to the customers choice of colour.

Price Starts from £1799

Langdale Skyline

The skyline has been developed by ourselves to be a top class machine that fits all critireas that could be called for from pro level racing cyclists to the fun loving sportive rider.
With many hours of testing the carbon layers that have been achieved to give the optimum stiffness where required and incredibly compliant to give maximum comfort.
The frame has been designed to work with both mechanical and electronic groupsets and be totally integrated with the cables.
The framest comes with an adjustable integrated seat pillar fork and headset.
This frameset is available to custom colour finish.

Frameset from £1599.00