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Bike Fitting

Without a doubt having a professional bikefit from Langdale Lightweights is the best investment of your time and money. Whether it is for a new purchase or your current machine, a bikefit will enhance performance and improve comfort. 

Here at langdale lightweights we have been bike fitting since 1981 and have a huge portfolio of clients, ranging from leisure cyclists to world champion athletes. 

There are many bikefitters appearing today that adhere to computerised programs that potentially lacking first hand experience, which makes it difficult to interpret rider feedback. We are all different anatomically and physically which means our positions can be very different to our friends but the real key is that it works for you. 

Our bike fit studio is equipped with a state of the art fully adjustable bike fit jig, Dartfish video analysis software and large high-definition monitor.

Our bikefit takes approximately two hours and consists of a thorough client analysis including recording anthropometric body data, flexibility levels, video assisted bikefit and the optimum position replicated on your bike. Over years of bike fitting utilising riders anthropometric data, body asymmetries and bicycle ergonomics has enabled us to:



Back pain

Neck ache

Numb hands and feet

Knee strain

Saddle and seating issues

Identify and Rectify:

Bad pedaling technique

Inefficient body position

Substandard aerodynamics

Poor cleat setup

Reduced power output

Please call 0115 9537100 to check availability and book your bikefit slot!